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Where Can I start?

Nos damos cuenta que hay tanta variedad de etapas individuales de Ascención y que el material compilado aquí puede ser dificil de navegar. Por favor solo toma lo que se sienta bien para tí y deja lo demás. Sin embargo, tenemos unas sugerencias breves para como comenzar. Toma un reto de usar el Escudo Protector de la Duodécima dimension y enfocar tu Mente del Ego y ve los resultados que obtienes con uso diario!

Lo siguiente es información importante y pasos a introducirte a el material de ES y darte herramientas que puedes utilizar inmendiatamente! Por favor revisa y prueba todo el material a tu propio sentido y guia, pero por favor nota lo siguiente: el material de Ascensión esta empacado densamente con información y es con frequencia dificil para las personas que son recien familiarizadas con estos terminos. Tomalo a tu propio paso, pero manten consistencia y dedicación con tu practica y veras en tu experiencia muchas mejoras, como el liberamiento mental y emocional.

  • Disciplina mental a través de enfoque dedicado y meditación para expandir la conciencia

Todos estos pasos son parte del compromiso a la practica de la Tríada Central de Síntesis Energética todos los dias.

Educate tu mismo

Educate Yourself
  • A discernir cuales Pensamientos Impulsivos se dan fuente del Ser Bajo-Alto y de Planes de Control Mental. Aprende como sentir y desarroyar HSP e idenficar la fuente de pensamientos personales. En que estás pensando? Es espiritualmente saludable?
  • Aprende a ser psico-emocionalmente balanceado para crear un ser espiritual centrado (Ver abajo).
  • Para comprender la naturaleza insidiosa de control de la mente en uso en este planeta.
  • Desarrollar un mapa de via para despejar los impulsos de ego negativo y desarrollar inmunidad al control de los pensamientos y conducta autómata.
  • Discernir la canalización falsa de New Age o modalidades o autoridad presumida con el objeto de tomar tu poder o manipular a través de Estados Emocionales Bajos. Evitar el material de New Age que ha sido secuestrado con vampirismo o mentalidad de Culto.
  • Discernir la Manipulación Emocional a los muchos niveles que ha sido perpetrado en tu vida y liberarte de sus impactos sobre ti.
  • Reclamar por un 100% Responsibilidad por tus Pensamientos y Estados Emocionales a tráves auto contenimiento personal y sostenibilidad interna.

Como Reenfocar tu Mente

Refocus Your mind

The above is a graph of a Psychological Centering Model to use to better gauge thoughts that are recurring in either polarity. The two main polarity groups the brain likes to occupy itself with are “Superior” or “Inferior” thoughts.

When using your Mental Discipline Refocus technique 1, identify the thought as stemming from Negative Ego (Reptilian) Brain and Revalue it from its control over your emotional body and your other selves. When you drop into either an Inferior or Superior thought-form immediately label it as Negative Ego and Dis-Identify with the thought as defining your value or true nature. Do not let negative thoughts control you. Refocus and affirm the correct thought pattern.

Success happens when you do not allow yourself to go into “Auto Response” triggers. Identify the “trigger” thought-form and immediately “Re-label” it as it is happening in your perception. The faster you identify the trigger and stop letting your mind go on “auto-pilot”, the faster you will see success through “relief”. The goal is to not feel a negative response or emotional charge to any thought-form that used to trigger negative thoughts, such as panic and anxiety. You want to remain in neutral association to the trigger thought pattern. When you correct the thought, you can mentally command neutral association to the pattern to correct it.

Inquiry on Attention

What is your priority in your life? Where do you place your attention and focus?

Without a clear foundation set for developing the inner core essence as our first priority, we can be bombarded with energetic slime and become a doormat, sacrificial lamb or parasite food. This causes our energetic body to be clouded with astral debris and therefore exist within a confused state of inner perception. Being unclear and directed from ego judgment in any kind of perception, whether towards yourself or others, is energetically draining and completely unsustainable in the new energy platform. For these reasons we must learn to become aware of our thoughts and emotions, as well as our behaviors and the impact they have on ourselves and others.

Developing Self Awareness does not happen automatically through reading books or mental concepts. It is through specific activities and feeling experiences that we are able to increase our power of observation. It is the power of observation or witnessing, that gives us the personal power to change our core beliefs (when we are made aware of them) that may be destructive or create blockages to connect with our inner spirit.

How do your thoughts and words impact how you feel?

How do your instinctual desires unconsciously drive your behaviors?

How do hidden core beliefs affect your day to day happiness?

Do an inventory of personal thoughts and identify them as Inferior or Superior**, or as love thoughts or fear thoughts. Make a choice right now which thoughts you want to own and those you want to discard. As a goal use the above spiritual self-centering model to keep your mind balanced and stay in centered loving and neutral thoughts. How long can you stay there in the center? Make it a goal to improve your ability to stay within the essence and energy of the keywords that maintain your spiritual center. Bring yourself back to center with breath, and applying neutral association to circumstances when you fall out of inner balance.

  • Superior Thinking: Intolerance, Impatience, Arrogance, Manipulation, Attack, Anger, Judgmental thinking
  • Inferior Thinking: Worry, Low Self Love or Esteem, Jealousy, Guilt, Hurt, Fear, Attachment, Martrydom[1]

What are your Beliefs?

Motivation influences perception, Perception influences beliefs, Beliefs influence actions.

  • Motivations
  • Perceptions
  • Beliefs
  • Actions

The three major motivation problems to overcome in the Buddhist tradition are greed, anger and delusion. If these constitute much of your motivation then your perceptions, beliefs and actions can be twisted. This may be a helpful model to help with understanding ourselves better as well as the motivation of others around us.

Building Self Esteem

Self Esteem is the value of a person’s worth and there are a lot of factors that come into play, especially in helping a person fell more confident about himself, which is also a primary factor in establishing a person’s outlook towards personal inspiration and feeling as a success. On the spiritual Ascension pathway, recognizing the importance of character building as a necessary part of having self love and self acceptance is critical to progress through self deception blocks. When we have low self esteem our psychological defense mechanisms will act to block our progress moving forward and evolving in life. One who understands they are a loved and worthy spiritual vessel for the spirit of God Source, will begin to learn that self love is at the core of self acceptance which is the quality one must build to truly feel and experience God's love for all of us. Once we feel love for ourselves we build inner confidence which further builds our trust with life.


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